Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is it to go on just the trail ride?

A: This year’s Onion Run is and EVENT spanning 3 days the cost is $20 per person, and $20 per night to camp. The event includes our normal trail ride in the woods on all NEW trails, Live Music, and an Obstacle Course and other fun and games at the the Northwestern Michigan Fair Grounds.

Q: So… How much is it to go on just the trail ride?

A: The ride is FREE but we encourage you to participate in the events at the fairgrounds and the trail cleanup process if you join in.  The where, when,and how you will join the ride is to be determined. Probably close to the fairgrounds at our first stop.

Q: Why isn’t the trail ride and the event at it’s previous location? (Ranch Ruldof) Where are we meeting?

A: We’re changing things up a bit this year! New scenery, activities, and people will join us by having the center of the activities at the fair grounds.<Click Here> for a link to directions to the fair grounds.

Q: Why Change it away from The Ranch?

A: The Onion Run has been in the Boardman River and Hoosier Vallies for years.  The yearly ride originated (hear tell) in Kalkaska and in the first years included a trek of land full of onions! (in an farmers field or were they leeks?) When everyone stopped all the trucks smelled like onions.  The Onion Run is just about going out and having fun in the woods, its not about a particular location, and we want to continue to make our own history and have our own stories and that is why it has been changed this year, we hope you enjoy it!

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